4 Tips to Increase Your Poshmark Sales

benedikt-geyer-766851-unsplashI am currently a part-time Poshmark seller and have been trying different strategies to see what will help me increase my sales. There are tons of Poshmark sellers that have some amazing closets and are able to do it full-time. Me on the other hand, I have a full time job so I can’t put as much time into it as I would want to. When I first started Poshmark, I was selling one item every three or so weeks. It was decent pocket change, but I wanted more sales so I can turn the pocket change into a part-time job from home. So today I will share with you 4 tips that helped me move from 1 sale every three or so weeks to at lease 5 sales a week.

Tip #1 – Update & Track Your Listings

  1. Titles – make sure you list your items as the following: Brand + type/style + color + size. You are allowed 50 characters so if you run out of characters, you can add the color and the size in the description. For example, instead of saying Cute Black Skirt, you will list Ann Taylor Pencil Skirt Black Size 12. If it is brand new with tags, I make sure I add NWT at the end of the title which stands for new with tags.
  2. Description – the first line of the description can be exactly the same as the title. The description doesn’t have to be a paragraph long. It can be two sentences or you can use a bullet list format. As long as you list the basic details of the item, then that will work. One of the most important rules is to make sure you mention any flaws in the item. This will save you from any buyers giving you a bad rating regarding that flaw you didn’t mention.
  3. Additional Details – be sure to fill out each section of the additional details in the listing. This gives potential buyer more information regarding the item you are selling.
  4. Pricing Strategy – when it comes to pricing an item, I’ll check what similar (if not the exact same) items sold for on Poshmark. You can do this by typing the item you are selling in the search bar, slide the filters over and change the availability filter to sold items. This way you can get an average selling price for your item. When you list it, list slightly higher than the average selling price which will leave room for any counter offers received and when you send offers to likers. The offers to likers will be explained in tip #3.
  5. Track Listings – tracking your listings not only helps you stay organized, but you can also write down how much you paid for an item, how much you sold it for, and most importantly, how much you made in profit. This definitely comes in handy to know whats in your inventory, for managing your income, as well as your taxes. The best way I keep track of my inventory is by using this Re Seller Inventory Sheet by PrintableGenius. This is a total lifesaver and I highly recommend you start tracking your inventory early on.


Tip #2 – Take Good Pictures

  1. Hanging Items – if you choose to take pictures of your items on hangers, make sure the background isn’t too busy because it can be distracting. Any basic white or neutral colored background will work. Many Posh sellers use different backdrops that makes their items stand out. The most popular one used is the 5x7ft Photography Background Vinyl Backdrop Paper Studio Props-Yellow Wood Floor Brick Wall which you will see in tons of Poshmark seller’s closets.
  2.  Flat Lays – flat lays are when you arrange items on a flat surface for display. See example above. In this photo you see a plain wood surface with some greenery. In the middle of this photo is where you can place the item you are selling. So if you use this method, it will make your pictures look a little more fancy. I personally use this Ashler Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Chair Couch Cover Area Rug for Bedroom Floor Sofa Living Room 2 x 3 Feet (White) when I photograph pants and the pictures look amazing.
  3. Dress Forms –  placing your clothing items on a dress form shows potential buyers how the garment will fit. It is best to use a plain white dress form so buyers can see the items true colors and prints clearly. The dress form I recommend using is the White Female Mannequin Torso Dress Form Tripod Stand Display however, you can still get sales using the first two methods.
  4.  Lighting Kits – if you don’t have a lot of good or natural light when you take pictures, purchasing a lighting kit can help you take better photos. These can be a bit expensive but is totally worth the investment if you plan to really expand your business. The Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit: 18 inches/48 Centimeters Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, Light Stand, Bluetooth Receiver for Smartphone, YouTube, Vine Self-Portrait Video Shooting is one of the best lighting kits out here among others and they are recommended by successful Poshers, Vloggers, and etc. Another option that is least expensive is theLimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit Photo Equipment Soft Studio Light Softbox 24″X24″, AGG814.


Tip #3 – Keep Your Closet Active

  1. Share Your Items – when you sell on Poshmark, you will gain tons of followers and that is normal. You want to make sure you continue to share your items to your followers and to any of the social media networks you have connected to your account. The more you share your items you will increase the views on your items in your closet. I tend to share my items at least three times a day. I share once in the morning, once during lunch time, and once or twice in the evening.
  2. Sharing Other Seller’s Items – usually when I am sharing my own items, I make sure I share other seller’s items as well. When you share other sellers items, most will go and share your closet items with their followers or social media networks. This helps your closet gain more exposure. Now you may not be able to return the favor to each and every Posher who shares your items, but make sure you share some love by sharing other Posher’s items.
  3. Posh Parties – Posh Parties are parties that happen 3-4 times a day where they may have a specific brand (Nike, Adidas, etc.) or theme (Best in Bags) where you can share your items relating to that party. I personally have shared my items to parties but have never made any sales by doing this. However, when there is a party going on, there are usually more people on the site so I use that time to share my items to followers and social media networks as well as sharing other Posher’s items.
  4. Price Drops & Offers to Likers – price drops are when you want to lower the selling price of your item either by editing the listing price (public) or making an offer to likers (private) to potential buyers who have liked your item.  To access this, you will click on that particular item in your closet and click price drop and you will see the two options mentioned above. The only time I use the edit listing price is when I want to move any items that have been sitting for a while a little quicker. I use the offers to likers option at least twice a week. The offer sent to likers have to be at least 10% below the listing price (or below the previous offer) and it must include a shipping discount. By constantly doing this, you are reminding potential buyers that they liked your item and you are giving them an exclusive discount.
  5. Keep Your Items Fresh in the Feed – when you list items in your closet, you have to remember that there are tons of other sellers who are listing as well. You want to make sure you are constantly keeping your listings higher in the feed. Some Poshers usually delete and re-list their items to keep them fresh but I found a neat little trick that has worked for me. I use the ENL method (edit each listing==>select next==> select list) that updates my items and places them higher in the feeds. I do this with each of my listings at least once a day and by doing this, I gain more followers and a few likes on my items.


Tip #4 Getting Repeat Customers

  1. Thank You Notes – with each item you sell, I highly recommended that you send a thank you note to thank the buyer for purchasing your item. You can add in a discount/coupon off of their next purchase or just remind them of your closet name so they can continue to check back on new listings.
  2. Business Cards – you can create business cards with Vistaprint with your closet name and social media information so they can follow you and your Poshmark closet.
  3. Social Media – If you decide to create a social media page just for your Poshmark business, you can use that platform to showcase new items listed, sales, sourcing trips and etc. By sharing this page with your buyers, they can see what is happening in your closet and make a purchase if interested.
  4. YouTube – Many of the full-time Poshmark sellers have created a YouTube channel to share what they found while out sourcing for items, everyday life as a full-time seller, and helpful tips on how to grow your closet. You can gain a HUGE following, more potential buyers to visit your closet, and possibly another source of income on YouTube.

My best piece of advice is to have fun with it and give these tips a try and keep me posted on your progress. I look forward to hearing from you! If you do not have a Poshmark Closet but would like to sign up for FREE, click here and make sure you use the invite code BURGUNDYHANGER and you will get $5 when you sign up!

If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to like, share, and comment on this blog post. As always I thank you for taking the time out to read my bog post. It is very much appreciated!

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