Year 2018 In Review

F09953ED-3E32-4FFF-973B-D02F66C0EC42Happy New Year!!! Another year has flown by and I wanted to take some time out and do some reflecting of my journey in 2018.

The Beginning

During my annual review at my full-time job, I was told that my position would be reduced to a part-time position in 2 years. The new software program that was being built was going to replace a large portion of my job duties. This was pretty much a hard blow that I wasn’t expecting. As I started applying for jobs with other companies and organizations, I began to feel like I was settling far more than my potential. I began to envision my life shift from a 9 to 5 job to me not relying on someone else to dictate my pay, my schedule, nor my worth.

The Vision

I never thought in a million years that I would be a blogger. I have always gave friends helpful ways of how to make a few dollars on the side. I would spend tons of hours researching the web, watching YouTube videos, reading other people blogs just to find ways to supplement my income and share it with others. Sure I was making a few dollars here and there, but if I really shifted my focus to all of my side hustles, maybe I can actually quit corporate America and live life on my own terms. I would imagine waking up when I want to, doing something I was really passionate about, traveling when and where I wanted, and living a laptop lifestyle.

Take Action

One day while I was at work, taking a break from completing hour-long job applications, I decided to start a blog. I had no plan in place, I didn’t have any content saved, and I didn’t even know what it was going to be about. Since I wanted to quit the 9 to 5 lifestyle, I figured I would blog about my journey. I wanted to share the different sources of income I have and give step by step instructions on how anyone can do it too. I wanted to share my financial mistakes, ways to save money while on this journey, and how to keep moving forward even if people close to you think you are crazy. And from that day forward, On My Way to Quit blog was born.

Progress Results

After I have written and shared a few of my blog post, I started to connect with other bloggers via social media. This landed me a blog feature to talk about a few ways I am making money from home. Shortly after that, I started focusing on my Poshmark business which had been sitting on the sideline for some time. I created a brand, became a Poshmark Ambassador, and have generated a decent amount of income just from that one source. I have connected with tons of other Poshmark sellers and have even been a guest on a podcast about my Poshmark business. I am still pretty active with other side hustles as well but I need to work on time management so I can be able to contribute time to all of them each and every day.

What’s Next

Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019! A new year is here and there are plenty of goals I would like to accomplish. Since my Poshmark business has taken off, I would like to officially turn it into a business and move my business to an online boutique. I also would like to officially move my blog to its own hosting site and add an online store to sell branded items. Other goals include investing in real estate, becoming a motivational speaker, and officially quitting my corporate job. 2019 is the year of endless possibilities and it starts with changing my mindset. If I can dream it, if I can think it, then I can do it!

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