3 Top Reasons Why I Quit UberEats

I never thought I would quit driving for UberEats as one of my side hustles, but I had to let this one go for 3 main reasons.  If you aren’t sure what UberEats is, let me quickly explain. UberEats is a food delivery service created by Uber that has drivers pick up food from participating restaurants and deliver it to customers. Drivers can select their own schedule, you can do it by vehicle, bike, or scooter which depends on the area you live in, and you can earn some decent money doing this.


At first UberEats was a Godsend for me. I enjoyed making my own schedule and doing a few trips after work or in between errands on the weekends. The money was good so there weren’t any complaints from me at all. In fact, I even shared this opportunity with so many people (including on this blog) to help others earn some extra cash on their own time. Well Uber has had a few changes and life tends to get hectic when you have a lot of other things going at the same time. This brings me to my top 3 reasons of why I decided to quit driving for UberEats.



Reason #1

In my area, UberEats have expanded the delivery coverage area from the restaurants pickup point. What I mean by this is instead of the usual maximum 7-12-minute drive, now the delivery routes can be up to 20 minutes. Sure 20 minutes may not sound bad, but when you have been doing it for some time and they make a HUGE change such as this, I realized that I make less trips within an hour of working. Sure the longer the distance, the more you get paid, but if I was able to complete about 8-10 trips within an hour and average about $50-$60 this cuts how much I have made in the past. I also found myself spending more money in gas and wear and tear on my vehicle because I was traveling longer distances.



My work schedule hasn’t changed but the things I have going on in my personal life along with my other side hustles have increased. So, trying to fit in time to work this side hustle always was put on the back burner because something of higher priority came first. Sure, I still had some time in between errands on the weekends, but I would rather be doing something I loved. UberEats started to feel more like work rather than something I was passionate about. Some days I literally forced myself to go out and do this but after I have made 2 delivery trips that took a total of 35 minutes to net $13 just wasn’t worth it to me. I literally sat in my car and said to myself, I cannot do this anymore. I just felt like I could do and earn a little more with my time.



The customers that I tend to deliver to do not tip. Now I know that they are already charged a fee to deliver, which is part of how drivers are paid but, the tips used to really make driving for UberEats worth it. Plus, about 98% of the people do not meet you outside to get their food so you will have to take it directly to their door. Even if they are standing there with the door open, they won’t even meet you half way. Not even in bad weather or if you have a large order with drinks to deliver. Delivering to houses are fine, but if you are delivering to an apartment building on the very top floor, or you must call them to get buzzed in the building or having to park in visitor spots and make your way to the building can all be a constant pain in the butt! It’s not that I am lazy, but some people just don’t make the delivery process any easier. So again, for what I was getting paid, just was not worth it.




I am happy I was able to use UberEats as one of my income streams, but when the company makes changes, and things in your life progress, you start to value more of your time and how you spend it. I would say my mindset has shifted a bit where I now seek for what I am passionate about because it will never feel like a job. The money will come so I rather be doing something that I love. Now this is just my own experience and how this doesn’t work for me, however I know plenty of people who do this and love it. If you want to give it a try, click here to get started. I truly hope it works out for you and that you make a decent amount of side income.


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