4 Lessons I’ve Learned About Entrepreneurship


Hey Folks…It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I guess I was pretty much burned from trying to tackle so many different side hustles at one time. I was handling things pretty well…or at least I thought I was. Then my determination, my motivation, and my drive to quit Corporate America came tumbling down. In this post, I will talk about the 4 lessons I’ve learned about entrepreneurship and what I did to help me overcome the struggles I was having in that area.

Lesson #1 – Organization

If there was a number higher than number one, organization would be it. You cannot…and I repeat CANNOT become a successful entrepreneur if you are not organized. You see I started out scheduling social media content, writing my to do list the night before so I can stay on task, and I even purchased a fancy planner with stickers to keep all of my important dates and appointments in one place. Everything was flowing well but then I foolishly decided that I could handle my daily task without creating a schedule or a to do list. Clearly this was me taking the lazy route of not setting aside time to do plan and organize things so that everyday would move smoothly.

Well…that plan didn’t work out so well and it really started to show. I started not to post social media content which meant I wasn’t keeping my audience engaged. I wasn’t working on my reselling business daily which started to slack in sales. I wasn’t blogging nor was I doing anything else to build my business. Since I didn’t have a daily to do list, I tried to memorize every thing I was suppose to do that day. That resulted in a whole lot of things not getting done. And remember that expensive planner with the stickers, well that collected dust on my desk for a few months. When the income and opportunities slacked up, I knew I had to get back to planning and staying organized.


Lesson #2 – Time Management

Time management is yet another thing I was so good at in the beginning. I would schedule time blocks for different task and actually have this written in my planner. When I stopped planning how much time I spent on each task, my entire day was thrown off track. I would spend hours on one task, get lost in social media, and I wouldn’t even complete as half as much as I did when I scheduled time blocks.

Time management not only allows you to keep up with your productive schedule, but it also helps you to keep things running a lot more smoothly. I got back into the groove of things by starting to add time blocks back to my planner but did it at a smaller pace first until it became routine. About a few weeks in, I was able to get back in the full swing of things.

Lesson #3 – Consistency

In the beginning, I had mapped out a plan on how I was going to tackle so many side hustles at once.  This meant that I had to stay organized, manage my time well, and remain consistent with my daily task to get the results I wanted. Sure this was a breeze at first but working a full-time job in corporate America, being a single mom of a teenager going through the “teenage years”, and things in my personal life happening all at once just knocked me right off track with everything.

I started putting off what I needed to do today for tomorrow and that literally became my excuse for everything that needed to be completed. What I didn’t understand at that time was by me not being consistent in my business, I was pushing back my goal of meeting the finish line. In order for any of my businesses to succeed, I must remain consistent with the process from beginning to end. Getting back to consistency is still something I struggle with from time to time, but the more I stay organized and manage my time, the more consistent I become.

Lesson #4 – Hard Work

Entrepreneurship is hard work! It doesn’t matter what field you are in because you are solely responsible for building your business which will determine your income. There were days where I let everything get the best of me and I didn’t have any energy to put into my business. And when this happened, I didn’t give 100% and it definitely showed in my work. I lacked focus which turned into me not having any motivation to get anything accomplished.

There are going to be late nights and early mornings in ANY business you build. There will be times where I am totally drained and don’t have an ounce of motivation to do this. But in order for me to meet my goals, it’s going to take hard work and plenty of effort to be able to become a successful entrepreneur.  Learning how to separate what goes on in my personal life from my business life will also help me to remain focused on building my business. In due time the blood, sweat, and tears I put into my business, will definitely pay off in the end.

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