How to Save Money on Gas Purchases


Owning, maintaining, and insuring a car can definitely be a costly expense. In order for the car to run, you need to add the cost of gas to your budget. Gas prices tend to fluctuate which means your total cost will vary from week to week. This can put a huge dent in your budget especially if you have a long commute to and from your 9 to 5. I have found a HUGE way to save money on your gas purchases and you can too by doing the following 5 steps:

Step #1 – The App

Click here to download the app which is available on both Apple and Android platforms.

Step #2 – Sign Up

After you download the app on your device, create an account which costs you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This information is needed so the app can let you know where the participating gas stations are in your area. *Keeping your location on will help you discover all participating gas stations wherever you are*

Step #3 – Get Gas

Once you have found a participating gas station in your area, go to that gas station and use your credit or debit card (use the credit option meaning don’t use your pin number) to purchase gas. Make sure you get the receipt once you are done because this is how you can claim your cash back. If the gas pump does not print one, then you can request a receipt from the clerk inside. *Cash or debit (using a pin number) purchases do not qualify for the cashback.*

Step #4 – Claim Cash Back

Once you have gotten the receipt, open the app and you should see the gas station you’ve found right at the bottom of the screen. You will push claim and make sure the gas type used (regular, mid-grade, premium, diesel) is the one selected. If not you can update it. At the bottom you will push upload receipt and your camera will be activated for you to take a picture of your receipt. Receipts must be clear and shows the location, time and date, gallons used, and total cost. Once the picture is taken, you will then submit it for processing.  It will take 24-48 hours for your receipt to be processed and you will get an email letting you know your cash back amount.

Step #5 – Redeeming Cash Back

One thing I like about this app is that you can redeem your cash back funds collected via PayPal, a check, or in the form of gift cards. The threshold is $10.00 (for gift cards) & $15.00 (for PayPal & Check) when redeeming your funds. If you choose to redeem your cash back amount with PayPal or to receive a check, just know they will charge a $1.00 service fee which is taken from the balance.



If you purchase gas as much as I do, this definitely adds up fast!!! When I was a driver for UberEats, I would get to $10 in about 2 weeks. So the additional cash back helped. Also the gift cards are great gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, heck or you can keep them for yourself. This will definitely help you save money while you are on this journey to quit your 9 to 5.

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