About Me

Hello and welcome to my very first blog.


My name is Monica, and I reside in Maryland which is pretty much within the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

I am a single mom. Single as in I raised my son on my own from birth up until now by myself. No husband, no baby daddy, not even child support. My son is 17 years old as I am writing this post and I can actually say through the good and the bad, I think I did a decent job by myself. Sure I had help from family but ultimately it was just him and I and my fur baby.

As far as my work, I have a full-time job, but honestly, I hate it. Well I don’t hate the company or the people, but I hate working in corporate period!  I dislike the fact that I am on someone else’s schedule other than my own, I dislike having someone else determine how much I make regardless of my work ethic, skills, and abilities, and I don’t like being placed inside of a box. I am a very creative and resourceful individual. Whatever position I was put it, I never got to release that creative side which caused me to be overlooked and undervalued in so many ways. I am tired. I want more, better yet,  I deserve more, so why not try to turn all of my side hustles into a full-time pay check and live life on my own terms. Freedom!


I never really thought of myself as becoming a blogger…but here I am. It kind of fell into my lap because I had so much downtime at work, that I decided to give it a try to kill some time. I didn’t really know what direction I was going to take this blog, but felt I had a wealth of information, a lot of side hustles, frugal ways, and I love to share my success (and failures) to help others along the way. Heck I read a whole lot of blogs and they have helped me in many ways so why can’t I return the favor. Hopefully you will find some helpful information and can share it with someone you may know who is going through the same thing.

Lastly, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read my blog. It is greatly appreciated! I want to return the favor so please leave your blog, website, or anything you would like me to check out in the comments.




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